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Placed my first trade in 2015, i remember that it was the ING stock.  After making some money.. I lost everything one week later. It precuded like this several weeks. After losing more and more i took a time out from trading and began only investing in Crypto's. I kept my love for technicals analysis, i could draw trendlines the whole night.. little but i know the crypto market exploded a year later and i participate my first bullrun...


So after some very nice trades in the bullrun i started to lose grip of the market.I didn't learn enough to understand the phycology behind markets but i traded anyway. At that time i would not believe you if you told me bitcoin will go to $3500. I was emotional attached to the crypto's. I was going long for a time so why short now was the mindset. ofcourse looking back this was my biggest learrn moment in my whole trading carreer. I learend that you never ever can get emotional with a stock, bond, crypto, valtua or other instrument. That is the number one factor of trading where you either make it or break it .. You need to be able to feel no emotions. After losing some i went trough some hard times with trading, We al have been there.. Trading was not really what i expected it to be.. i realized that i needed to step my game up even further. I was allready grinding day in day out but there was no positve outcome yet. After reading the right books and the right education i started te become profitable. this took a good half year again. all this time i was busy with fulltime forex trading.


Since Summer 2018 Consistent profitable. In the year 2017-2018 i made just over 240 % gains. After trading and backtesting a lot of pairs a felt in love with GOLD. I worked out some profitable strategies en with the right mindset i'm making money now trading gold. Withdrawals and live accounts.  Follow my next steps on instagram or check out my tradingview..


Dikoto Mandengue